Our Team

Plus Lab was formed solely to fill the need which could not be fulfilled by standard implementation of hardware and software. We like to innovate things and make things work!. For example, make equipment which talks in different protocols work together seamlessly.

We have created several products over the years. If you have a problem or limtiation in your implementation regardless if it is technical or business issues, please contact us. Perhaps we could innovate and derive solutions for you.


Ram Narula
CEO and Founder of Pluslab.net


Here are our team members:

Ram Narula – Principal Consultant

Ram has been working and creating solutions in the IT industry for over 15 years. Making impossible project possible is his main focus. It might sound too good to be true but it has been proven over several projects.

Programming skills:
C, C++, C# .Net, PHP, Python, VB, VB Script, embeeded C/C++, ASP, Javascript, Bash Shell scripts, G-CODE, x86 ASM, BASIC, Batch file, Pascal, and other proprietary languages

Server platforms:
UNIX, Linux, and Windows server, including VPS systems

Client platforms:
UNIX, Linux, Windows NT/XP/7, Mac OSX, DOS

Core Network equipment:
Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Procera, 3com, Nortel, WIFI routers (Mikrotik, Cisco/Linksys, Netgear, Zyxel, etc.), Layer 2/3/4/7 switches, Load balancing routers, Satellite routers

Network protocols, services and applications:
TCP/IP, UDP, SCTP, Packet shaping (Bandwidth control), GPON, VPN, BGP (peering), Web server (Apache/IIS – web-HTML,CSS, etc.), Mail server SMTP/POP/IMAP (Sendmail/Microsoft Exchange), SMS gateway, DNS, FTP, Traceroute tracking, Web Cache server, SNMP, MRTG, PRTG

Telecommunications and VoIP:
FTTx OLT/ONT, SMS gateway, SIP/IAX – Asterisk servers, Audiocodes, Trunks, DID, Mobile phone roaming to DID, Billing – CDR (a2billing, etc.), call routing optimization (minimizing delays), Codecs (G729, GSM, iLBC, AMR)

Security, Encryption and Authentication:

RSA, SSH, SSL, Firewall (policy setting to maintenance), RADIUS, customized remote commands

SQL – MySQL/Oracle/DB2, Plain text database, Hybrid of SQL and plain text/hashes, NoSQL

Embedded systems programming and hardware innovation:
Raspberry Pi, ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller, ATMEGA controllers, Analog to Digital (A to D) and Digital to Analog (DAC), TTL, RS232, LCD/LED screen, switches, joystick, implementation of RSA on to the embedded system microcontroller, and several other microcontroller functions

Video and room conferencing systems:
Polycom HDX, Bosch DCN and DCN2

• Innovated and created middle ware enabling different software and hardware platforms to work together seamlessly eg.  an embedded middleware hardware unit for enabling Polycom HDX system to work with Bosch DCN conferencing system

Other machine platforms:
CNC software programming, Siemens Sinumerik multi-axis control system, automotive electronic system, Alternative fuel technologies, brief composite technology focus on filament winding software, CADWIND

Published and presented work:
• Presented paper: “Trivial Internet Weaknesses with solutions proposal” at APNIC 20 conference in Hanoi

-section of the “Linux Advanced Networking HOWTO” document

-a section of the “FreeRadius documentation”


Project experience:

VimpelCom Laos co., ltd (BEELINE)
Head of IP Network Department
June 2013 to April 2015

Management of IP Network team and work with all other departments in designing, maintaining and ensuring 24/7 service delivery of IP access for both International and domestic connectivity along with proper optimizations.

Project highlights:


  • IP Network – Ensure 24/7 of IP connectivity for the IP Core network which services all 2G/3G/4G, Fixed line & wireless customers. From understanding the business requirements to designing, planning, and the actual deployment to support growth in the next 3-5 years (40GE & 100GE ready). Planning, team management for routing and systems policy implementation, customization and programming of middle-ware for integrating in-house billing system to the hardware platform which services the customer and different APIs including Procera and Mikrotik, and created APIs for Huawei routers


  • FTTx/FTTH (Fiber To The Home) – Project manager for “the first” Fiber To The Home (FTTH) project in Laos with over 1000 customers. Involve in decision making on the business side as well as on the technical side in project execution. Provided special services to customers including Point-To-Point and Point-To-Multi-Point Private Network connections.


  • Internet International backbone connectivity – Designing, planning and running fiber-optic networks to Thailand and Vietnam with multiple 10GE connectivity from multiple international providers. Designed time-based load sharing system in order to optimize available bandwidth across all providers.


  • VoIP gateway – Design and implemented VoIP SBCs for interconnection between domestic and international VoIP operators and customers to the main switch of the company. Managed DID services for customers hosting their own VoIP-PBX systems.

Hygenic (Thailand) co., ltd.
Principal Consultant
Jan 2004 to May 2013

Innovate, derive and implement IT solutions based on requirements from the client. This includes understanding of client’s business model, translating business requirements into technical requirements, managing a team of programming, system administrators and junior network engineers, 3rd party developers, manage the project execution, and assure satisfaction to the client.
Project highlights:
• Created a platform enabling programmer (even at beginner’s level) to be able to create firmware for ARM microcontroller, such as to interface with computers and light switches, along with more advanced implementation like embedded RSA encryption
• Created middle-ware unit for enabling multi-vendor platforms to work together seamlessly
• Designed an online multi-language Q&A touch screen with video conferencing to be used between airport immigration officers, incoming visitor, and remote interpreter
• Implemented a call platform enabling international travelers to be able to cut their roaming charges by using combined Cellular capabilities and VoIP while rerouting to minimize voice delay
• Programmed a stock trading system for semi-automation of trading based on strategies
• Created web sites for corporations and hotels with database back-ends by managing a team of programmers and graphic designers
• Integrated 4-axis CNC systems with G-code  programming and interfacing with CAD program in a factory



E-Z Net ltd. Bangkok, Thailand
Chief Technology Officer
Aug 99-Jan 2004
Major involvement in decision making of corporate strategy and technical feasibility based on current Internet market trend
• single-handedly setup the entire network
• managed a team of staff in implementation of systems and servers including software configuration with security policies (Windows, Solaris, Linux, Cisco, Huawei, 3com, Nortel, Satellite routers and VPN routers platforms
• Routing configuration for connection to Internet Exchange with BGP peering at Gbps speed.
• Innovated middleware for seamlessly communicating and configuring different equipment
• Created support system, tracking, and customer support issues

Mar-Dec 2000 iAsiaworks Inc. San Mateo, CA-System & Network Consultant
Provide assistance to network staff on major networking and system administration
• Configuration and troubleshooting of UNIX (Solaris) and Linux servers
• Creation of custom software and script for handling system administration and network administration tasks
• Enhanced the monitoring system of Web servers, DNS, Database, and network status

Mar 98-Aug 99 Cardiac Pathways Inc. Sunnyvale, CA-System & Network Consultant
Administration and maintenance of corporate system and network infrastructure
• Ensure the network is always up and running
• Coordinate with software engineers to provide tools required for their development
• Installation, administration and maintenance of Solaris servers and Windows servers for Intranet web services, intranet emails, DNS, Backup systems
• Create tools necessary for interfacing the UNIX system with the rest of network components such as other clients and printers
• Oversee the routing and switching of over 100 desktop clients including Solaris and Windows systems

May 97-Mar 98 Web Professionals Inc. Cupertino, CA-Network & System Administrator
• Installation and Administration of data center with UNIX/Linux and windows platforms for corporate servers, leased lines, frame-relay, ISDN, dial-up services
• Setup and maintained servers for hosting of over 600 corporate web sites from over 30 different countries in heterogeneous network environment
• Train junior administrators on setting up and running Unix and Windows based servers along with handling of support requests and ensured that all services were operational 24×7.
• Maintain servers and routers (Cisco and Ascend) at Palo Alto Internet Exchange (PAIX) including BGP4 routing with several Tier-1 Internet Service Providers
• Create and maintain system and network administration tools including monitoring tools which often uses SNMP such as MRTG.
• Provide technical support to customers both as 1st level support and senior support
• Ensure operations of all services to be smoothly running 24×7