Here are some creations from us:

Javascript array_column function – Javascript array_column like PHP array_column function, with both recursive and iterative methods.

Holes inside array – Javascript holes in array – dealing with array with holes – sparse array – what is it? How to remove holes in arrays? How replace holes in array?

Normalising-names – an approach to check for duplicate name entries in general (there are many invisible and similar characters)

sum of Array – Approaches for summing corresponding items in arrays

Gist – PHP additional functions for working on array:

PHP array_reduce_JS which works more like javascript reduce method by passing current key/index and array to the callback function.

PHP findIndex – a PHP – javascript like findIndex function

PHP findIndexes – similar to findIndex but this outputs all matched key/index in an array

HLK-SW16 scripts – on

Scripts to interface HLK-SW16 which is the IP ready (Wired and Wifi) 16x relay switches electronic module.

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