Here are some creations from us:

ANSI Tools – tools for working with ANSI files and it’s SAUCE.
The main repository is on github at
* Convert ANSI to HTML with cp437 to Unicode utf8
* Convert ANSI to JSON with cp437 to Unicode utf8

IMAP proxy / POP3 proxy / SMTP proxy – nginx guide in setting up and running
This is a guide to compiling and installing nginx with or without cgi-wrapper and setting it up to act as IMAP proxy / POP3 proxy / SMTP proxy, without requiring the execution of external program for authentication. The proxy is able to forward the connection to the outside world with the stunnel configuration which is also included. The full guide is on Nginx IMAP proxy page and at github @rambkk

Javascript array_column function – Javascript array_column like PHP array_column function, with both recursive and iterative methods.

Holes inside array – Javascript holes in array – dealing with array with holes – sparse array – what is it? How to remove holes in arrays? How replace holes in array?

Normalising-names – an approach to check for duplicate name entries in general (there are many invisible and similar characters)

sum of Array – Approaches for summing corresponding items in arrays

Gist – PHP additional functions for working on array:

PHP array_reduce_JS which works more like javascript reduce method by passing current key/index and array to the callback function.

PHP findIndex – a PHP – javascript like findIndex function

PHP findIndexes – similar to findIndex but this outputs all matched key/index in an array

HLK-SW16 scripts – on

Scripts to interface HLK-SW16 which is the IP ready (Wired and Wifi) 16x relay switches electronic module.

Asterisk difference between peer and friend

The Pit 4.17 BBS door game patch – The classic BBS door game is being revived with this new patch. It is not just a patch as some module for higher level calculation is not in the demo package. This new code for higher level is written in Assembly language and included in the patch.