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We have created and contributed software and modules from ground up, including but not limited to Javascript, PHP, SQL (MySQL/MariaDB, etc.), shell, network sockets, embedded systems, and much more. Check our blog section for some additional information as well.
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Xduino project ( – Embedded programming made easy. Start programming micro-controllers today. Xuidno provides full programming platform with IDE for ease of creation of embedded programs for ARM controllers in C/C++. Even beginners can do electronics programming


NoteNate ( – Free Note service on the web for Free!. Instantly create a note and publish them instantly with Privacy options .


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711 (c) Ram Narula

711 ( – The next generation crypto platform. (Update coming soon!)


Contact ( – The no-nonsense way to send information (Update coming soon!)


Samaya – We operates under the name Samaya for specific projects.


Plus Lab ( – Innovation, Entertainment, and Technology people.